Samuel och kevins blog

Me and Samuel have made a news report about murderer in gantofta. We did in group we were not alone. We had a text to read and then say it on spreaker (the voice recorder). That was on the English subject we are not totaly clear yet. We will be done very soon. We have only editing left and then we are done.

On Swenglish we had a grammar translate.

There were five of us that should have translated but the rest did not it was only me and Samuel. We translated 68 sentences. We wrote about the black flag and pirates about 5 months ago. We wrote about Evede kanve and he killed captain Kevin Mcknuckles A.K.A pea brain.

Technically me and Samuel wrote the most because we were the only one who were in SwenEnlish. The whole class wrote the story but me and Samuel wrote the most of the text.


We’re still in the game! Hop we can win. Wote for us!!!


-Kevin and Samuel


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