I writted a story that did not make sense at all. But i still got a grade of it. I think that it is an E. After i was done with that none making sense story. I started to check my grammar lessons. I got 15/15 on the first one and 10/15 on the second one. After that i read an murder story about a man called Ohmar. He was an old man who was born in 1887 and who was killed in his own house. He was married to a woman who was 2 years older then him.

That is what i did today :)!!!!

The movie

we have seen a movie. this name is murder in midsummer. the movie is about a small town, and a person have been murded. They are trying to solve the crime. And they find the murderer.

a crime story for me is when someone commit a serious crime, and when someone have been murded, or when a person have disappeared.

About the crime lessons

We have been preparing us about writing crime stories. One week we watched an episode of the midsomer murders and we had a vistit. The woman who visited us is a district procecutor. Soon we have a week’s break. After that we will have another visit from someone from the Gantofta Byalag. They will talk about the murder that happened in 1953 in Gantofta.

It was fun to watch a movie and would like to see one again soon. I think that words we was suppose to know was not that difficult. I already knew some of them.

We are also writing our own crime story and that is not that easy. It’s easy to kill someone in writing but not solving it.




Eleonora Johansson

We got a visit from Eleonora Johansson who is one of Helsingborg’s district prosecutors. She informed us about how it can be in a court. She also told us about what she does for a living and how she does it. She even gave us an example of a murder that was called ”the Stigsvig Murder” that she participated in.

It was very interesting and educational and I highly recommend it if you got the opportunity.



Lektioner om deckartemat

The pupils are writing their own detective stories and they have been giving some useful tips. I have made some video lessons in Swedish. The first one is  a crime movie that I’ve created with green screen technique.

Watch the Siatorp Murder. It’s subtitled in English.

[vsw id=”V-bMuE-OT7I” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

The next video lesson is a simplification of Camilla Läckberg’s ”Deckarskola”. Watch it here. It’s in Swedish.

[vsw id=”A2I3TW6QXx8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

The last video lesson is about the dramatic curve (dramaturgikurvan). This is also in Swedish.

[vsw id=”aFNRJYRZCZg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Hope you’ll find our blog interesting so far!

Camilla and year 7


About Crime story




Last week we started to written our own crime story’s.

We started to do a mind map to figure out how we want to build up our crime story. Then we started to name our characters.  Then we give the characters what they have for meaning in the crime story like how gonna tell the story and how gonna be the murder and what the murder have for motive.

First we choose  the name for the crime story  and we chose ”The Story About Mrs Marryson”. Then we started to written and we went thru our mind map .

Linnéa and Felix.J