Midsomer Murders!

Hej alla!

Vi håller på med dekartema på Engelskan och ska nu skriva om deckaren ”Dead Man’s Eleven”

What is a crime story for you?

A crime story for us is when detectives or police’s serch for evidence and interrogation people to investigate the case.

What do you think about Midsomer Murders?

We think that the actor’s was a little bit to much and they think in a strange way becuse it’s doesn’t help to kill that people.

What was it like reading a movie script?

It’s was good to read the movie script before becuse then it was easier to see the movie after.

Felix.J och Linnea.



What is a crime story for you? It depends on what kind of a crime it is if it is murder than that is one private first flight ticket to hell. If its something else like stealing for an example than its ok it depends if he had a family and couldnt feed them for an example and than he had to steal or something like that. But if he stole something for a stupid thing and had  money than that isnt ok.

What did you think of the midsumer murders?  Yeah it was pretty good for an old movie. If i could rate it i would give it 6/10.

What was it like reading a more script? it was like reading harry potter book while watching harry potter movie.